Tree and Shrub Services

Commercial Lawn Care Tree & Shrub Care

We're fully focused on maximizing the potential of your lawn and landscape.

Our TruGreen® professionals work to protect your tree and shrub investments by constantly searching for more effective ways to control the many diseases and pests that can attack your trees and shrubs. The TruGreen Tree & Shrub program benefits your business by ensuring that your important landscape investments continue to grow. From fertilization to insect and disease control, we work through the seasons to enhance and safeguard your trees and shrubs, and to help ensure that you reap the best return on your investment.

Our Tree & Shrub Care services include:

Tree & Shrub Plan

Apple Scab Service

Disease Control

Emerald Ash Borer

Insect Control

Japanese Beetle Control

Scale Insect Control

Spiraling Whitefly

Tree Drench Injection