Seeding Seeding

Superior turf begins with superior seed.

TruGreen's tailored premium seed blends and mixes meet rigid specifications for quality, purity and performance, delivering exceptional results and turf that stands out.

Here are the ways TruGreen's tailored seed blends and mixes are superior:

  • Exceeds Certified designation
  • Guaranteed germination rate greater than 85%
  • Product mixes well with existing turf color
  • Turf aggressiveness to “self repair” and compete with invasion of weeds
  • At least 98% purity rating
  • Less than .09% weed or crop seed
  • Free of undesirable coarse grasses
  • Designed and tailored specifically to rigid TruGreen specifications
  • Seed held to the highest genetic and mechanical quality standards in the industry

With more than 40 years of research and development, plus a nationwide network of more than 25,000 lawn care professionals, no other lawn care company can match our experience, cutting-edge products or resources.